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Natural Hair Struggles For All Natural Hair Queens

Hello people, let's take some time out to appreciate ladies on natural hair. What I mean is ladies that have decided to go on natural and have stayed true to the game without backing out.

Making a decision to go on natural isn't a trivial stuff, especially when you have to go for a big chop, as in cutting off your all grown relaxed hair in order to start your natural hair journey, a lot of frustrations comes along with process because most times it seems as if your hair isn't growing.

Some of the issues faced by natural hair growers includes; hair dryness, maximum breakage, tangling of hair strands, regular washing, hair shrinkage and the use of hair products.

If you are on natural hair and you are thinking about giving up, please don't do that because going on natural is one the best decisions you can ever make. Check out these lovely ladies on their natural hair, just have look at how adorable their hair is. The beauty of natural hair can't be matched by any hair type.








Tips on growing a long natural hair;

* Wash your hair regularly atmost every 2 weeks

* Occasional use of protective styling because they tend to cause hair breakage if done too much.

* Regular detangling of hair strands

* Cutting off of split ends

* Use of hair products and try sticking to a particular type for a while before switching to another.

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