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How to Accentuate Your Style With Floral Shirts

1. Keep the rest of the outfit toned down

One print at a time is enough for an outfit. You don't have to wear two floral prints in one outfit even if it looks good. Simplicity never runs out of style. You don't want to overdo things by wearing two or more prints at a time. 

2. Dress for the season

In other parts of the world, seasons influence the colours of outfit people put on. During summer seasons which are known as the dry seasons in this part of the world, bright coloured outfits do tend while neutral and daler colours are mostly worn on other seasons. This may be a good trend to adopt into your floral piece styling. You can wear more bright florals during sunny and dry seasons while darker shades of florals can go for cooler weather based on the peculiarity of each season.

3. Know the occasion

Floral shirts are not for every occasion and therefore cannot fit every outfit. Occasions like beach parties, picnics, pool parties, Friday and weekend hang out and more casual occasions are the best places to rock a floral shirt. 

4. Pair with the right accessories

A pair of sunglasses, sandals, bermuda shorts, or flip flop will go perfectly with floral shorts except you're wearing it as an innerwear for a suit (styling this perfectly are for the fashion bold).

5. Choose the right fabric

Floral shirts do come in different fabrics from lightweights to middleweights. These may explain why some men wear it as inner wears for their suits. You have to be very creative to be able to style floral shirts with suits though. However, choosing the right fabric will help you know how to incorporate it into your style. Pairing it with a crazy jean for instance can help your maintain a street style if you're a fan of street style.

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