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You Need These Key Info to Succeed As A Freelance Photographer [In depth]

Hello everyone and welcome to my page!

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Today's topic will be on photography.

Not many of us here are fans of photography. But let's be honest; who doesn't love taking pictures?

Or haven't you taken at least ONE photograph during your lifetime?

I know I have and many of you reading this have also taken pictures. Though they may be some people who have not taken pictures in their lives but that is very very and I mean VERY RARE!

We will be talking about another aspect of photography.

How can you succeed as a freelance photographer?

Who doesn't want a side hustle that pays?

This is what we will discuss in today's article. So grab your pop corn or whatever is eaten while reading and let's dive in deep into the world of a FREELANCE PHOTOGRAPHER

Everyone loves to engage in hobbies.

I personally have hobbies that I enjoy doing.

Photography is among these hobbies. But you likely are reading this blog post because you want to be a better photographer, and not just any kind of photographer but a freelance photographer.

So, let's jump right into the topic of the day.

You probably have heard those naysayers out there saying you can't be good at freelance photography, but they are wrong!

Though it may be a little challenging to be successful in this field, what occupation on earth is not also challenging?

For you and I to be good, successful freelance photographers, what can we do?

Well, there are many ways but I will highlight the most important steps you could utilize to be productive in what you do.


Make a portfolio containing your best work

Have you seen a website that serves as a forum for photographers. Some are just there while there are some who are more recognized than the others.

Why is this so even in other fields of jobs?

It could be that the portfolios of the top photographers are more interesting and professional than the chasing pack.

This means that a good portfolio adds that little boost in the journey of getting a desired job.

Your portfolio is a gateway to your success as a freelance photographer. If it is interesting, people would likely want to purchase your services.

If it is not captivating on the other hand, then there is a greater possibility of your would-be clients to leave your site and not even try out your services even if you are capable of coming up with brilliant ideas (a million dollar idea).

You and I certainly do not want that to happen, do we? My answer would be NO!

So, take the time to build your portfolio and make sure it carries a professional and captivating look and feel so that when your client see it, they would be all 'oohs' and 'ahhs' around.

You want your clients to be so impressed and blown away that you have an excellent chance on grabbing the job.

Build a professional website to showcase your portfolio

What better way can you showcase your skills and career choices if not through your own website?

Everyone uses the Internet these days and if your portfolio can't be found on the Internet, then you are losing out, GREATLY!

Putting up a website may seem like a daunting task but it is not as hard as it seems, especially with website builders we have now like Wordpress, Wix, Blogger and many more.

The goal in setting up a website for your services is to enlighten people about what you do and showcase your skills to the world to see!

And when you apply the steps above on how to build a nice portfolio, the visitors to your website would be blown away!

Pick a specific niche for your website

Having a specific niche for your website is very, very important. This is so because it differentiates you from the general market out there.

One key to getting the most out of a job in to be different (in your own way and without going past the rules).

Some examples are travel, wedding, food, fashion photography.

Note that these are different niches in photography but each is UNIQUE in their respective positions.

Also, you should check out the level of competition in the niche you plan to be in.

The lower the competition, the greater chance you have of getting more traffic to your website, which could eventually result in more customers!

Uniqueness is something that should not even be taken for granted.

Even here on Opera News.

Take for example:

If photographers were all doing studio photography, then the level of competition would be really high.

But now that we have a large variety of photographers, from food to travel to fashion, we enjoy photography.

If uniqueness was not a part in this, then we would all have been so bored of photographs and photographers.

If you've got an amazing idea, then go for it.

You never know if your idea could result in endless possibilities, both for you and others.

Start blogging on photography

What is one way you can convince people of what you love?

One way is to tell them about your interests.

Blogging provides that avenue and the good thing is that you could reach a lot of people through this and also earn some cash doing so!

What's not to love about blogging about what you love!

When writing a blog about what you love, be yourself.

People would love to learn from you and your experiences. Also, speak from the heart.

Have a positive mindset and write for the benefits of your readers.


Promote your work on social media

Creating beautiful photographs and images could be a waste of time if no one knows about them.

One way of alerting people is through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram among many others.

When you promote your work on social media, you do not only create awareness about your products and services, but you also drive traffic to your website or blog. This is useful if you plan to convert your website visitors to customers.

Also, the more you makes wonderful photos and wonderful content on your blog and website,your social media followers would grow and these followers could become your 'evangelists' if you do your job right.


For you to crush freelance photography, you need the following:

A specific niche


A professional portfolio 

A professional website

Passion for what you love

Social media to promote your works on the Internet.

What other ways do you think you could improve as a freelance photographer?

Content created and supplied by: GoldenInfo (via Opera News )


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