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Is This Fashion Or There Is Something Attached?

Human beings are made with distinguished features which strangle the others by competing in the race for the best character and properties. What Mr. A counts as the best might be Mrs. B worst encounter, so our judging should come not just from our thinking alone but considering others' thoughts and opinions.

This picture literally sends a message to everyone's brain after the eyes might have seen it. It showcases some act of weirdness, beauty or at worst, joblessness. Should we consider it in that way? Oops, we shouldn't. Then we should dive into this dressing that had stirred the question, "Can we say she has gone bananas?"

Did the dressing covers the main reason we dress?

Everything has a reason before it happens or was brought up. Clothes and other wears are worn in the quest to cover our nakedness. Then we should answer the sub head, the answer will be "yes, it does". They are no exposure of the private parts and the bananas were at close range to one another. So she abruptly passed this.

Is she bananas😹?

Actually should we start with asking what we term as being bananas? To our many us, we have the dictionary meaning which meant "crazy" in simple words but we could just say she has gone bananas. I meant because she had bananas all over her body🏃.

The truth is our culture differs. Her ancestors' dressing code might be this and ours being normal clothes shouldn't make us think she is crazy, a town in Abuja state still wears leaves, Sukur ancient mountain settlement located in Adamawa state (one of UNESCO heritage centre) has people wear the same too. That are near, the Samalatians doesn't too, they dont even wear anything at all.

Should this be fashion if she doesn't belong to those tribes?

It much clear the definition of nowadays fashion is wearing something that will leave one half naked. The ladies wear much of bumshots, stripless top, tight trousers and model with them. It's a good fashion on its own and the creativity is extremely beautiful. 

It's a good fashion, and maybe someone should whisper to her, she could be an ambassador for a fruit company.

How will other fruit look on her?

There it comes🤣. Oranges, mango, grape, pineapple, apple and others will be good on her if she can manage well, or else 25% of her bride price will reduce after her body has been watched, but the world is looking forward to thatShe isn't bananas or crazy. Her style is unique📢, but sister, can you run with this? 🏃

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