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20 stunning henna designs for Eid celebration

Mehndi powder is also referred to as henna powder in Arabic countries and also called mylandi podi in kanala.

Henna had also become an increasingly popular Western culture during the last few decades.most people associate henna with India as it remains an integral part of the Indians wedding tradition for the brides to have their hands,arms and feets covered in elaborated designs.

Black henna often contains the chemical p-phenyleneduamine(PPD) which gives the natural reddish-brown dry a black tint.

Here are some stunning and dashing henna designs you would love to try.

See more photos of beautiful designs of henna paintings.However,these designs are quite common,but you can try them more than once on different occasions.if you want to apply beautiful and gorgeous henna designs,this article will help you find a choice.

Hope they are beautiful ❤️

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