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Secrets To Glowing Skin With JUST 2 Ingredients


In today's article, I'm going to tell you the secret to making your skin glow. Yeah, we've all seen those celebs on TV or on the internet with skin that make us go like "oh, I want that" or "how do they do it". Well I was once there and after my research, I found out this easy and fast way to make that glowing skin you've always admired yours.

So you're gonna need

1) An ALOE VERA leaf


While most sites prefer "raw honey" any type you have will do.

How To Prepare The Mask

1) Slice your aloe vera as seen in the first picture but don't forget to cut off the pointy parts of the leaf to avoid getting wounded.

N.B: Some people do complain of itchiness while handling aloe vera so if you fall into this category of people just like me I'd advise you to put on rubber hand gloves.

2) Using your knife slice the individual slices of aloe vera into two and using a spoon scoop out the gel into a separate bowl.

3) Put the scooped gel into a blender or if you don't have one, a sieve works fine. Blend or sieve till you get a smooth gel

4) Now to this gel add your honey and mix well.

5) Apply on your face and neck and leave for fifteen minutes after which you can wash and moisturize your face with any moisturizer you have.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Trust me, with consistent use you will yield amazing results.

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