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How to Style Your Old Clothes to Fit New Outings

Buying new clothes always feels exciting as it means a new addition to your wardrobe. However, when you don’t feel like buying another set of clothes or you are not financially stable at the moment, what do you do? Or probably you are too tired to buy another outfit for one occasion, only to neglect it and descend on the next new clothes.

The good news is there are fashion techniques you can use to upgrade your present clothes. And it doesn’t need you to spend a dime.

In this article, you will discover simple tricks you can use to style your existing clothes to fit your next outing.

1. Pants

It’s sad to let go of that tight-fitting pants that made you rock your workplace conveniently. If you have those pants, simply turn them into a short skirt or a dress with elastic straps. With a skirt, you can wear any blouse or shirt on it, while the dress can fit perfectly under a jacket. That’s it! Same cloth, different style. “Nobody is gonna know!”

2. Maxi skirt

Trust me; you can easily turn that forgotten maxi skirt into a dress. All you need is to readjust the band to make it wearable and move it to your chest. Then, look for a belt and wrap it around your waist. There you have it! A lovely free dress. Get a short-length jacket and rock it proudly.

3. A buttoned-down white shirt

There are many white shirts around, so people may never notice after all. Try removing the sleeves to make it a sleeveless shirt and switch the buttons to transform these clothes. After all, most white buttoned-down shirts are differentiated by their buttons. See your tailor-make the cut pats neat.

Another way to wear your buttoned-down shirt is to unbutton the upper part and stretch it over your shoulder to make it an off-shoulder shirt.

4. French tuck your shirts


If you have always worn your shirts tucked out or fully tucked in, you can change their look using the French tuck style. It is a way of tucking the front of your shirt into your trousers while you leave the back out. Another way is to tuck half of your front shirt and leave half and the rest out.

5. A sweater and dress

This styling fits the chilling weather. Here, you don’t need to make any cuts. All you need is to wear your sweater over your dress. This styling will make it look like you are wearing a sweater on a skirt.

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