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Check Out Pictures of Cake Hilariously Designed to Make You Laugh

Check out pictures of cake hilariously designed to make you laugh.

Cake is a sweet dessert food that is made of mixture of flour, sugar and eggs and thereafter baked in the oven. It is a type of dessert that is commonly used in celebrating special occasions like birthday, wedding party, graduations and many more.

Cake can be designed in a lot of ways. Some bakers design cake in such a way that it imitating a particular person, object or animal. Cake can be designed to look like a person, designed in form of a house, a dog and many others.

Designing a cake does not necessarily means it should follow a pattern as there are some weird types of cake designs that will make you wonder why and how it is designed in such a way.

There are numerous cake designs that you see and do not immediately realized it is a cake until you cut it.

Below are some pictures of cake that are hilariously designed to make you laugh:

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