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Ladies, Check out The Latest Gele Styles For Your Ceremonies And Occassions

Gele, the local name given to the head tie, is a head wrap that is commonly found among women, and ladies in Nigeria. They are worn to match traditional outfits like Ankara, Ase-obi, Asoke, Lace, and others such as English wear. It is however impossible for the female folks to be heavily dressed for a wedding ceremony, funeral, or another event, without tieing the Gele.

Gele adds a complete fitting, and elegance to a woman's dressing. Sometimes most party planners make it compulsory to include a uniform Gele to your outfit when making an appearance. This is why most Ase-obi girls at wedding parties, women groups at meetings, usually tie Gele.

The glamour and unique look that Gele adds to a Nigerian party dress are undoubtedly charming. They come in different styles, patterns, and designs. The shape of your Gele is determined by how it is tied. Most women tie theirs into a cone, butterfly shape, and other styles. With the advancement in technology, there is auto gele, which is the already styled type, which is worn on the head without tieing.

Just in case you are wondering what styles of Gele will be perfect for your event, look no further as I unravel some trending Gele styles.

Check out The Trending Gele Styles Below

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