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Do It Yourself: How To Make Your Shoes Look Shiny Without Using Polish

I was watching a reality TV show and one of the housemates said that one of the things which she gets attracted to in a person ate the shoes. That's one hell of an attraction, isn't it? The shoes may be at the bottom of the dressing but it sure has a lot to play when it comes to adding and complimenting or eve perfecting a person's dressing.

Do you always get tired of going to a road side cobbler to get your shoes shined or you forgot to get your shoe polish when returning from the market, or maybe you're tired of the increasing price of shoe polish and you couldn't afford them? Not to worry cause in this article, you'll learn how to make your leather shoe look shiny without the use of any shoe polish. Note that it is for leather and rubber shoes only.

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First and foremost, the materials needed are paint brush, oil and a little piece of clothing material.

1. Paint brush

2. Oil. You can make use of vegetable oil.

3. Cloth material. A little towel could be used

Now let's get to the process.

First and foremost, use a rag to wipe off the dirt's and dusts from your shoe surface.

Dip your brush into the oil or you van put the oil into a container or a flat surface and use your brush to rub against the oil and apply on your shoes as if your painting the shoes. Make sure its not too much so that it doesn't affect the leather of the shoes. After that, use the cloth to clean and blend the oil properly into the leather to make it look more presentable. Tada! Your shoe is as shiny as it can be.

One side effect of this process is that it attracts dusts easily especially on sandy surfaces. To manage this side effects, just reduce the amount of oil applied on the leather surface and the amount of dust attracted will be reduced to its barest minimum.

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