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Meet 20-years-old Dubai's richest kid

There are lots of billionaire in the world to talk about, but let's take a look at the current youngest billionaires in Dubai.

His name is "Rashed belhasa" also known as money kick.


Rashed belhasa was born into the family of Ahmed belhasa and Sarah belhasa, in January 5, 2002 in Dubai UAE. 

His parents are successful business couples, this is to say Rashed was born with silver spoon.

He was able to travel around the world, because his parents own residence in several places around the world, but unlike other kids Rashed never wanted to depend on his parents.


Rashed was obsessed with sneakers ever since he noticed that people go gaga over his brothers latest fashion sneakers.

He decided to buy sneakers around the world and show off his collection on his YouTube channel "money kick", the channel was so fascinating that it was visited by many celebrities and that path way to his first source of income through YouTube, as of now he has more than 10million subscribers on YouTube.

Apart from the money he makes from YouTube and also from selling sneakers, he also have a private zoo, which is frequently visited by celebrities from around the world.

He also have a perfume and clothing brand.

Net worth 

Rashed was estimated to worth 3billions dollars and also ranked 23 among the world richest kid in Forbes.


Lots of criticism have been placed against his father because of how he spoils his son.

But his 52years old dad who became a billionaire at 40years old sees nothing wrong in giving his son a good life, and support all he does.

Photo Speaks 

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