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25 Pictures Of Fascinating Footwear With Various Designs

No matter the form, the general purpose for footwear is to help protect the legs from injuries.

All actually discussed fashion, which is why everyone needs to refresh their wardrobe and get it to the new norm.

Just as some people feel the need to do that, some others don't care about it, but everything is fine because the same thing doesn't matter to everyone.

But what we can't understand is the funny shoes, not the ones that were made because of the money problem, but just to make them look funny.

This looks like it would hurt the person wearing it as there is spikes on the footwear that you will certainly make you uncomfortable.

This was however designed with dollar bill and some cent coin, looks very creative though, but how are you suppose to run wearing that.

This is a wonderful design that looks like you are walking with your legs immersed in an ice cube. This will be really helpful during hot weather.

Whoever that designed this footwear did a great job, I guess the position of the heel will give the person wearing it more balance to stand and walk without falling.

These boots where designed to look like an angry python trying to catch its prey. This will definitely scare the children.

These is an incredible design of a female shoe, this shoes took the shape of a fishing hook. This will certainly be good for only women with less temper.

This looks like a calculator slippers, this design will help you not slip when the slippers is wet, as the rough button contours will provide firm grip for the foot.

It looks like the designer of this footwear is being motivated by a crocodile teeth. As you can see long canine like heel.

The footwear looks like a human feet, the design look incredible, one would think you are walking on bare foot.

The slippers was neatly designed with soft green carpet grass, walking on this slippers will look like you are walking on a football pitch or a golf lawn.

This footwear was designed in such a way that it looks like the person wearing it, is walking on top of two puppies.

This looks like the a hand grabbing onto your leg and won't let go. The designer did a fascinating job. These footwear would be very useful in carnivals.

This footwear is designed with metal spoons and fork, the person wearing this footwear should be wary of the fork thongs.

This shoe looks like it was been reversed, it will be very uncomfortable to walk while wearing this footwear as you likely to break your ankle when you slip and fall.

This picture was designed to have a cock foot, the red design will match well with any red garment.

This looks like it made from thin copper, will be highly not useful for those who are fat or have much weight, as the skeletal frames might collapse and cause sever injury.

This design looks very awesome, it will give the person wearing it stability and balance, it looks like it was design on a metal ladder.

This slippers was designed with fishes, I doubt if this will last long.

This design looks like a dog feeding or about to take a nap, incredible brown colour that will suit many outfits.

The height of this shoe is very incredible, when wearing this footwear be sure not get tipsy.

This is a footwear designed to look like a human hand, this looks classic.

This footwear was designed to stand on top of a dinosaur like heel.

This looks good and nice, it have hole that will help air to reach the feet.

Which of the above footwear is your Favourite?

please leave your answer at the comment section.

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