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Opinion: If You See Any Man Wearing Earrings, This Is What It Actually Mean.

Earring is a piece of jewelry that is worn on the ear. Earrings that we all know are meant to be worn by women, but it baffles me that the opposite is happening lately as most men nowadays are now wearing earrings.

Earrings are worn by most women for beautification, but it baffles me to see most men going to the extend of piercing their ear to wearb earring.

Today in this article i will be bringing to your notice what it actually means whenever you see any man wearing earrings.

Pictures used below are used for illustrative purpose.

Most men who wear earrings are homosexual, because it is improper for a man to wear what does not belong to his gender, and most of them wear earrings to differentiate themselves from normal men who are not homosexual and also to give other homosexual sign that they are all together in the business of homosexuality.

Also most men who wear earrings are not responsible because a responsible individual is not supposed to wear something like an earring that does not belong to his gender. Any man that grows up from a responsible family background will always no that he is not supposed to wear an earring because his family will always be against that idea of wearing an earring, and also a responsible African family background has its doee and don't and wearing earrings among men is among one of it's don't.

Also most men who wear earrings wear it for fashion like our present day Celebrities who believe that wearing of earring is high class fashion.

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