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The Perfect Outfits for Job Interviews

You finally got the invitation mail for an interview in that multinational company which happens to be in three days.

But, voila! You have no idea what outfit to wear! We all know that our appearance takes some percentage of our interview score.

15+ Job-Winning Interview Outfits For Women & Men - Dress For Success!

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I guess your worries have come to an end here. We have outlined the perfect interview outfit for both a man and a woman.


1) A PLAIN DULL-COLOURED SHIRT AND TROUSERS: You don't want to appear before your interviewers looking like a clown or an advertiser for rainbow colour. A simple white, black, grey, brown, wine or cream shirt with black or brown trousers will do the magic for you.


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2)TIE, BELT AND SHOES: Your tie as a man should have a brighter shade of colour than the shirt you are putting on. It has to be knotted to a reasonable length. The colour of your shoe Should complement your dressing. Wearing sneakers or sandals is out of place, but a black or brown corporate shoe will fit for the interview.


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3)SUIT AND BLAZER: Do you think it would look appealing to wear an oversized suit or blazer? You guessed right!

A fitted suit or blazer that will match your trousers is ideal for an interview, coupled with a pocket square or tie pin. A touch of accessories can make your dress extra attractive.


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Which is more effective, a bow tie or a long tie?

Either way, a bow tie doesn't require you to put on a blazer or suit. It goes better with a suspender or waistcoat. In all your preparations, avoid the temptation of wearing a traditional outfit or casual wear for an interview.




1) A DECENT GOWN: To keep it simple and classy, you can wear a gown (preferably a plain or lightly patterned gown). Some organizations can be strict with the transparency level of the dress. It should be not revealing, which is why a cotton material is advisable to use.


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2) PLAIN SHIRT AND PLAIN SKIRT: Where are the lovers of skirts! Skirts come in different sizes, lengths, styles, shapes and colours. However, it is advisable to wear a skirt that is not 'mini, 'too tight', 'too short' or 'too colourful'. At least one should be comfortable throughout the interview process. A plain white, black, brown, or any other dull coloured shirt can complement your choice of skirt.


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3) PLAIN SHIRTS AND CORPORATE PANTS: If you would have to wear trousers for your interview, a plain or light patterned suit trousers is

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4) LIGHT MAKE-UP AND FEW ACCESSORIES: There is a possibility that they might want to capture your face for some verification process. If one has excessive make-up on, it can turn out to be a problem. Also, don't forget you need few accessories.

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5) COMFORTABLE SHOES: Girls and shoes are inseparable, am I right? One key point to note about shoes for interviews is that you have to be very comfortable. Moderate heel or flat covered shoe is good to go while attending an interview.

Do you think you now have an outfit for your interview?

Get ready! that job is waiting for you!

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