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"When your Make-up artist is a PhD Holder"- See these Hilarious make up Photos that I came across

Makeup is something that's very common with ladies. In the past two decades, the recognition and acceptance it had today was not like those days. It was not as if there was no make up, there was, but people hardly put on any make-up.

But now, I can say that almost 80% of ladies or more put on makeup. Some people are now earning from it full time. You will be amazed on how makeup can transform some Ladies, it makes them unrecognizable.

While some make up look stunning, others looks funny, here are some funny makeup photos that I came across on the internet.

These Photos are very funny, when I saw them, I laughed so hard. If you are doing make up, make sure you get someone that knows how to do it. If you get some that's has no good idea about it, you will end up transforming your face into something that everyone will laugh at.

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