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Ladies, See How To Properly Wash, Dry And Store Your Bras

Bras aren't your average piece of lingerie, whether they're made of lace, cotton beige, or silky satin. They are a piece of clothing that supports your bust line and provides padding and push to your assets.

As a result, bra maintenance becomes extremely important in order for bras to keep in form and last longer. Plastic clips and metal hooks in bras must also be taken into account so that they do not wear out prematurely.

On average, a bra does not last more than two years. However, if it is handled and cared for properly, it can age gracefully rather than swiftly wear out. Here are some pointers on how to take care of a bra properly.

Washing Your Bras

Hand-washing them in cold water with light soap is the best method to do it. Putting bras in the washing machine exposes them to strong detergents, which tarnishes the fibers, especially in silk bras. If you must wash your lingerie in a washing machine, use cool water rather than warm water.

When it comes to everyday bras, a few minutes in cold water will suffice. Squeeze the soap suds out of the bras, rinse them, then roll them in a towel before hanging them to dry.

A word of caution:

1. Separately wash your light and colored bras. Meaning, wash white bras with whites that match, and color bras with colors that match.

2. Hook or fasten the bra clasps before cleaning. This way, they won't get tangled up in the other clothes in the washing machine.

3. Bleach should be avoided since it is a strong chemical that can harm the fabric and flexibility of the bra.

Drying Your Bras

You have two alternatives when it comes to washing your bra: hand wash or machine wash. When it comes to drying the bras, however, hanging them is the best option.

Avoid using a mechanical dryer since the heat it emits can harm the bra's fabric and suppleness.

You may dry your bra in two ways: by hanging it by the strap or by placing it on a towel with the cups facing up toward the sun.

Storing Your Bras

Keep your upper lingerie separate from your clothing. In fact, putting underwear in its own drawer would be the ideal option.

Keep your bras flat in such a way that one cup pushes into the other cup, rather than folding them. This will assist them keep their shape and limit the chances of the bra clasps becoming tangled.

Another thing to remember is that women should rotate their bras on a regular basis. Because the bra is so near to the skin, body sweat can cause the fabric to fail if it isn't cleaned regularly.

A woman should carry three bras with her at all times: one to wear, one to wash, and one to store. Bras that have been worn a lot lose their suppleness and support.

So, if you want to stay young, make sure your bras are in good working order. I hope you're more knowledgeable about bra maintenance now and will put these suggestions to good use.

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