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How to Wear Skinny Jeans Comfortably

Many men run from skinny jeans because of how it makes them look. For slim men, it directs attention to their legs. Similarly, they might make big men chubby and bulky. Despite all of these, there are ways to rock your skinny jeans without any discomfort.

1. Skinny jeans with collared shirts

Whether you choose a cotton shirt or denim, you can notch up your style in seconds. Ensure the shirt is a little bit longer, instead of sitting directly on your waist. Another method is to throw a flannel shirt over a T-shirt. Meanwhile, your flannel shirt should have the same shade as your skinny jeans.

2. Skinny jeans with a T-shirt

This is the easiest way to pair your skinny jeans. For effortless pairing, try a grey shirt with skinny blue jeans, a white shirt with skinny black jeans, or a white T-shirt with grey. You can also try a looser T-shirt.

3. Skinny jeans with sweater/sweatshirt

These two combinations appear to be the most stylish. A regular sweater shifts the focus from your legs entirely. To appear more casual, you can try pairing your skinny jeans with an oversized knitted sweater.

4. Skinny jeans and blazer

Drape a well-ironed blazer or sports coat, and it's all business from that point. With this formal piece, you immediately forget you are wearing skinny jeans. Even though skinny jeans appear too casual for an office job, they should work for Friday wear.

5. Skinny jeans and jacket 

For the utmost casual wear, skinny jeans complement any jacket, including a denim jacket, bomber jacket, leather jacket, or field jacket. Your jacket doesn't need to be the same hue as your trousers.

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