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Four Easy Solutions For Smelling Shoes

Ever been in a room where someone walks in only to take off their shoes and an unpleasant smell suddenly fills the air? I'm sure you felt very irritated. Or maybe you have been in a situation where you felt like taking off your shoes in a public vehicle or gathering but ignored the urge because you know your shoes have a very bad smell? If yes, then this article is for you.

Smelling shoes can be very embarrassing and uncomfortable. In a scenario where your shoes are very tight or painful, your feet need a little break, but unfortunately, you can’t give them the break they deserve simply because you know that the atmosphere will change.

Here's how to stop your shoes from smelling:

1. Allow your shoes to stay in the sun to dry, even if they aren't wet. When your shoes are wet, they will definitely smell. Leaving smelling shoes in the sun usually helps in making them very dry and also prevents bacterial growth.

2. Use Tea Bags: If your shoes develop an offensive smell after a workout, you can put some tea bags in them immediately after taking them off. Teabags are known to help our feet smell fresh by absorbing bad odors.

3. Orange Peels can be used as well; Keeping some orange peels, lime or lemon peels in your shoes for about 10 to 15 hours helps absorb odour. Even if your shoes don't have a bad smell, you can still leave some orange peels in them in order to prevent any form of smell in the future.

4. Store them in the freezer; Refrigerators can stop shoes from smelling. If per chance you don't have a freezer, you can keep the shoes in a cold room.

Put the shoes inside any bag of your choice, then allow them to stay in the freezer throughout the night. The cold temperature in the refridgerator will destroy the odour-causing bacteria and give your shoes a very pleasant smell.


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