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Reasons Why Ladies Love Putting Eye Lashes

Eyelashes serve as a protection against dust and other particles that are harmful to the eyes. The lashes are used to beautify mankind during creations. In our eyes we have the lower and the upper lashes, the upper lashes are bigger and longer than the lower ones itself.

Nowadays, the world has gone to the extent of creating their eyelashes which they use to beautify themselves. These artificial lashes are used by women. The one made by man is longer than the original one it also looks thicker.

Below is the difference between artificial and natural eyelashes.

Natural eyelash.

Artificial eyelash

Have you seen the difference? As I said before women fix this artificial or false one to look beautiful and as well have long eyelashes. There are many reasons why women love fixing these false eyelashes

1 is to look beautiful

2 For those that don't have enough natural eyelashes do put the false one in other to have it in full like her fellow women.

Looking at the two lashes you will observe that the natural one is more beautiful than the artificial one.

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