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See why Hausa ladies love Henna (hand tattoos) [photos]

Henna (Laali) is commonly used to beautify the Hausa or Fulani bride on her wedding day. It takes patience and very steady hands to apply henna tattoos correctly. Throughout the Middle Ages and early modern period, henna was grown in Hausaland (today comprising southern Niger, northern Nigeria, and parts of Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Benin) with indigo, tobacco, onions, cotton, millet, sorghum, maize, and millet.

The powder of these leaves is used to dye their nails. The Powder, when mixed with water to the consistency of paste, and left on for 4-6 hours on the nail.

Hands and feet henna tattoo is one thing that many Muslim women, especially those from Northern Nigeria (Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri, etc) adore not just because it has become part of the Hausa culture but because of how beautiful the henna body art design and patterns look.

In previous years, the henna paste was applied to the skin with a matchstick for precision. These days, henna can be purchased in the form of a cone and a small opening can be made at the point of the cone so that intricate designs can be created on the skin.


Henna design is seen as one to beautify the skin and inscribe your favourite design on. It is very attractive and good to look.


It was seen as wedding design for Hausa brides, but now ladies do it to look trendy and beautiful, as it takes a look from a 0 to a 100 because it depicts a very fashionable person.


Most Nigerians want their culture to be represented in that light. Ladies who do it have come to the realisation that it is uniquely made for the Africans and depicts rich culture.


People bring forward what they want to see trend. Henna is classy, tasteful and beautiful. Most ladies want to be a part of that.

Below are the latest henna designs

do you like this Henna on ladies body? Do you now adays other tribes involving in the use of Henna, but in the mordernize way.

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