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Check out Beautiful Natural Hair Styles You Can Do At The Comfort Of Your Home.

Hey there! Welcome to our page. We are fashion and beauty experts and we offer the best beauty and fashion tips. Our focus today is on Natural Hair!

They are lots of controversial and needful topics on natural hair, but today I've compiled pictures on different ways you can style your beautiful Natural hair.

Now, before we go into that, they are some basic tools we need for easy manipulation of our hair, and to make the styling easier and faster.

You will need

• Water..very important. Your hair needs moisture. Always make sure your hair is moisturised before combing. Every naturalista has to have a spray bottle where she/he keeps whatever she puts in her/his hair; water, essential oils, aloe vera gel, etc. So, before you comb your hair, spray it with little water. It goes a long way in hair growth.

• Combs

Leave in make your hair soft and moisturized. A little more moisture won't hurt😉

• Styling gel...very important! Makes the style last longer and also makes it look sleek and beautiful😍Here are the beautiful styles

Sleek low bun with curly edges Refreshing Bantu knots

Two braided low side bunsAnother sleek low bun...Can't get enough of the sleekness 😍

Braided low bun

Classic curly high puff..with an extra touch of accesory😉 Beautiful curly puff, you'd be amazed at what wonders tiny rubber bands can do to your natural hair

Low puff in all its sleekness Natural hair in all its glory...Curly High puffTwo space buns with twistsA little something for TWAs😉Gorgeous Bantu knots Good old twistsHigh bun with curly bangsLow puff in all its glory 😍😘😘😘😘😘Middle bun with side curly bangs accessorised with a touch of white beads Two space buns with curly frontalsLow puff with a side braidDija style with low puffSome popping twist outs😍😍😍High bun with braids

😘😘😘😘😘Cute space buns with braidsAfro high puff with two sided bangsHigh puff with well laid down edges

You like? You can try out these styles with the tools listed above. Please follow up for more articles like this and don't forget to share!

If you have any questions on natural hair, do well to leave them in the comment section

Content created and supplied by: Honeyblog (via Opera News )

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