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6 Professional Careers That Don’t Allow Visible Tattoos, Don't Draw A Tattoo If Any Is Your Dream


Tattoos is a form of art that has been very popular for so long. The thing is that there are certain jobs that don’t allow visible tattoos, and that is something that you should know. Despite the fact that tattoos has existed in many cultures of almost every country, some companies don’t think so. A number of companies wants their employees to have zero tattoos while the others require their staffs to cover tattoos at work. In case you haven’t known, we are here to bring you 6 careers that don’t allow visible tattoos. Bear in mind that such requirements is different depends on the countries and the companies, so let’s take a look.


Air Hostess

image: Wikimedia Commons

There are a lot of processes to go through to become an air hostess for both males and females. Having tattoos is one of the challenging parts of the recruitment, and here is why. Different airlines have different uniforms, and you will have to let go the dream of visible tattoos for the job. That my friends, is why you never see any air hostess serving you a cup of tea by her inked hands. As for small tattoos are some certain areas that uniforms can cover, some airlines allow that case. But if you ask about the hand, finger, arm, or leg tattoos, the answer is no.



image: Pixabay

The one main reason is that individuals need to be seen as highly professional and trustworthy. In banking community, careers such as accountants, financial advisers, and many more are expected to not have visible tattoos. Each and every of them represents their company, and tattoos are one of the things that make people judge. It is reported that some banks even ask their employees to show their arms or body to make sure that they are ink-free.


Healthcare Professional

image: selmaemiliano

We all know the “Don’t judge the book by its cover” saying, but nurses and doctors must cover their tattoos. Many hospitals and medical offices require their staffs to remove their piercings and cover their tattoos. The thing is that tattoos are restricted in this field because patients wouldn’t feel comfortable seeing their doctors with big tattoos. Another thing is that most healthcare professionals deal directly with patients so large visible tattoos shouldn’t be there.


Police Officer & Law Enforcement

image: Pinterest

These fields involve with stopping crimes, and having visible tattoos is not very professional. Of course a police officer can have his sleeve tattoos, but he should always cover them when on duty. Another reason is the stereotypical connection of tattoos being gang related which is why tattoos are not recommended. At the end of the day, inked or not is not what defines who you are.



image: Wikimedia Commons

No matter if it is a hotel or school, customers are not likely to be pleased greeting by inked receptionists. Just like other careers, many people tend to judge and feel uncomfortable with inked receptionists. No matter if it is arm or neck tattoo, covering them would be the best choice. As for some firms, they prefer their newly recruits to have no tattoos at all. So if your dream job is to be one, try not to get a full sleeve tattoos.



image: Stanford Montessori & Elementary

Teachers are the role models for students of all ages so tattoos are not the first thing the schools expect to see. Not so different from other careers in the list today, teachers can have their tattoos as long as they are covered. It is not that tattoos are bad, but showing them to students is not professional. As for kindergarten teachers or teachers who teach young learners, tattoos are absolutely needed to be covered.

Kids will surely learn that tattoos are not always bad, but they shouldn’t know about tattoos at young age. Plus, parents are also not happy about seeing the teachers of their kids having a lot of tattoos. In some institutions, the part that they concern most is the attitude of the teachers instead of tattoos. However, if you are a teacher with tattoos, you know what you have to do.


Tattoo is a beautiful art that expresses a person’s interests and personalities, indeed. It is totally fine if you have small tattoos that you can easily cover with a watch or long sleeve shirts. However, consider with your dream of full sleeve tattoos, neck or face tattoos if your dream jobs involve with those in the list. Still, there are companies that have no written rules or restrictions when it comes to inked companies. It is the quality of work after all, so be yourself!

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