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How to Wear Suit Casually

The suit appears to be strictly formal wear. Nonetheless, fashion and style are dynamic and broad. What if you need to stop over at an occasion after work? Or do you need to attend a casual function, but you want a suit? These are questions on some men's mouths. The best way to water down a suit is to add a casual outfit. But there are other formats you can employ as well.

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1. Suit and T-shirts

Combining T-shirts and suits is a common way of reducing the effect of formality on you. Since you might have had a wide collection of T-shirts, pick any of the neutral colors or bold-colored Tee depending on the color of the suit.

2. Remove any 'office details'

The first step to dressing down a suit is to do away with accessories mostly associated with the office. These include ties and pocket squares. Also, it is best to unbutton the top button.

3. Replace your suit shirt with a sweater

In the cold season, you can switch the shirt and tie with a cardigan or fitted sweatshirt. Or you can lay the cardigan over the shirt with a tie. This strategy helps you experiment with some color combinations. For instance, you can match your tie and sweater color.

4. Change your shirts

Replace your suit shirt with a more casual shoe line flannel, Jersey, etc. You can add a sunshade accessory or a piece of jewelry.

5. Shoes

You can either stick to your regular Oxford shoes or look sleeker with sneakers or boots.

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