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Do You Have a Jeans With This Kind of Tiny Pocket? Here is What It's Actually Used For

Pick up your jeans, have a good look at it's pocket. Isn't it funny how small the inner pocket is? Your finger can barely fit into it, so what could be the use of such tiny pocket?

Could it be just for fashion, to improve the aesthetic look of the jeans? Many people have reacted to what they think the tiny pocket is used for.

Here is what they said:

As you can see, many have already mapped out different uses for the so-called tiny pocket which can hold next to nothing inside.

However, whether you use your tiny pocket to keep tiny objects or you don't use it at all,there is actually a purpose for which it was made.

Have you ever heard of a Pocket Watch? It is rarely used today but back then in the 19th century, it was the order of the day.

The tiny pockets are made to fit and contain the pocket watch and that is it's original use.

So unless, you still have a pocket watch, you can use the tiny watch for pretty much any other use you can think of.

Tell us in the comment section, what do you use this tiny pocket for?

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