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Skin Care

How To Wash Your Bed Sheet/Spread

Staying stylish every day begins from your bed. Many people think proper hygiene only matters to the clothes you wear. However, your fashion style starts from your bedspread. At least, each of us spends close to 8 hours sleeping. That's enough time to de-stress, but also adequate time for sweat and dirt to build upon our mattress. 

Not washing your bed regularly could lead to acne, break-out, and other skin conditions. That indirectly disrupts your style and reduces your self-esteem. Learn how to take care of your bedspread in this article.

Care label 

Before you wash your bedspread, ensure you read the care labels for any specific washing instructions. That's because some materials may demand different washing styles.

Wash with hot or warm water

You can use hot water for your cotton bedspread, while polyester can handle warm water. Consider using cold water for linen bed sheets.

Use a gentle detergent

To avoid fading, consider using a gentle detergent. If your bedspread has some stains or is too dirty, you may add a few drops of vinegar and soak for some minutes before washing.

Rinse more than once

Considering the size of your bedspread, try rinsing it twice for the detergent to leave. This method also prevents you from reacting to your chemicals.

Tumble dry

Tumble dry your clothes to remove excess water and hang dry.

Note the following

Wash your pillowcases once a week.

Wash your pillow once every five months - 6 months

Wash your duvet covers once every two weeks to a month

Wash your blanket every two to three months.

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