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5 Reasons You Have Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes, also known as Periorbital oedema, refers to bulging in the area around the eyes.

In puffy eyes, the inflammation around the eye causes fluid to build up, which gives the puffy appearance.

Puffiness may occur due to different factors such as ageing, sleep deprivation, hypothyroidism, allergies or skin disorders. Severe and chronic puffiness may be a sign of other serious medical conditions.

Healthy diet and lifestyle could cure this problem. The skin around our eyes is very sensitive and get easily affected during the ageing process. Sometimes it could be heredity as well.

Here are the reasons for puffy eyes: 

1. Pink Eye: Pink eyes are commonly known as conjunctivitis. It is inflicted due to bacteria, viruses, irritants, fungi, amoebas and parasites. 

Shampoo, dirt, dust, smoke and pool chlorine could also lead to pink eyes. It is a highly contagious disease. It not treated properly; this could also lead do damage to your vision. 

Hence, always consult a doctor and look for possible precautions. The most practical precaution is proper hygiene and avoiding rubbing the eyes with infected hands and consult doctor. Some symptoms of pink eye are: 

a. Redness in the inner eyelid.

b. Continuous tears: Thick yellow discharge from eyes, sometimes the discharge could be white or green as well.

c. Irritation or itchiness in eyes.

d. Swollen lymph nodes.

e. Blurry vision.

2. Crying for too long: Crying may lead to swelling in orbits (tissues around the eyes). The salt present in our tears may lead to fluid retention in the eye area. Consuming diet enriched with vitamins, especially A, C and E prevents eye puffiness. 

One may avoid high carbohydrates and, elevating your head while sleeping may also prevent the building of water retention that causes puffy eyes. 

For relief, one may apply a cold compress near the eyes as cold temperature constricts blood vessels, curbing the discharge of fluid into tissues, decreasing puffiness in the process.

3. Contact lense: Wearing contact lenses for a long time could lead to puffy eyes, alterations in corneal thickness, stromal thickness, curvature, corneal sensitivity, cell density, and epithelial oxygen uptake, etc. 

So to prevent puffiness due to contact lenses, it is essential to remove them timely and wear lenses of your size.

4. Inadequate sleep: Our eyes need a constant supply of tears for optimum function because of which blinking of eyes is essential. 

Sleepy eyes are often dry eyes, which completed the fluid circulation, but Insomnia prevents the needed circulation and adversely affect our eye health. Therefore, proper sleep is essential for your body as well as your eye health if you don’t want big eye bags. 

5. Excess Intake of Salt: Consuming too much salt may also lead to eye puffiness as excessive consumption of sodium leads to fluid retention.  

Our body uses sodium fluid to prevent dehydration in the absence of water, which leads to under-eye bags. 

To prevent this, eat foods rich in potassium because it may help to rebuild regular sodium and potassium balance in your body. 

Try to resist high-sodium foods at all times. 

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