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Checkout some beautiful dresses a lady can slay with during the month of Ramadan.

Following the fact that the month of Ramadan is forthcoming whereby the Muslims engage themselves in abstaining from eating, drinking and other enjoyment activities. Many are very much preparing for the month's activities.

Muslim ladies are definitely by now thinking of how to dress up during the month so as not to invalidate their fasting or other people's fasting. I have come to your aid to let you know the possible beauty dresses you can slay with.

1. The jellabiya, also known as jalamia and jalab is a tight-free, Egyptian's traditional garment, it is also a traditionally dress worn in Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nigeria and many other African countries. There are different styles of it and a pretty colorful ones that can be worn by women.

Colorful Jalab that covers every parts of the body is one of the beautiful dresses a lady can slay with during Ramadan.

2. The abaya, it is sometime referred to as an aba, a loose-fitting overall-garment, essentially a robe-like dress. Aba is worn by some women in the parts of the Muslim countries like Morocco, North East Africa, Somalia,and some of the Arabian countries. However, the dress could be found in Nigeria.

Abaya is a very decent and beautiful dress a lady can slay with during Ramadan. Many ladies already know how to go about getting it for themselves.

3. Free gown is another beautiful option for the Muslim ladies during the month of Ramadan. A large clothe which does not in any way fits tightly on the body.

There are other decent clothes the Muslim ladies can put on for the month of Ramadan. Women should not wear clothes that are tempting and can cause unwanted attractions and reactions.

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