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Here's Why You Look Beautiful In The Mirror But Unattractive In Pictures

Most of the time, we notice that our skin is glowing perfectly and our hairdo is also very beautiful. We feel good about ourselves as we appear in the mirror. However, when we open our phone camera to fix our lipstick or eye pencil, our confidence comes crashing down. How come the reflection we get in the mirror and the photographs on our phones are in such complete contrast to each other?

If you have been wondering why you appear very different in photographs and why the mirror tells another story entirely, we are here to give you the reasons why it happens like that.

1. Familiarity with our mirror; The feedback we get from the mirror is the most beautiful and familiar image of our face.

It is there when we apply our facial cream, comb our hair, do our makeup or even get dressed up for the day. Since you have gotten so used to the image of yourself in the mirror, the truth is that when your face is captured in the pictures, it seems uncomfortable because you don't take pictures everyday but you look at the mirror everyday, even as soon as you wake up.

2. The camera angle:

There is a major reason why you usually click more than one picture before you finally select the most beautiful one that is worthy of being uploaded anywhere. It is very important to understand that the photos we take are a 2-D version of real life.


This means that pictures usually tend to flatten your features or bolden them due to different angles. Also, since pictures save every single thing, any awkward movement which goes unnoticed in a real life situation is usually captured for everyone to see. 

Remember, a quality picture is usually a combination of bright light, the right angle, and the best possible pose.

Please note that the shinny flashlight of your phone can actually emphasize every single thing that you don’t find attractive on your face. 


It would be advisable to stick to natural lighting.


Content created and supplied by: Cocofashion (via Opera News )


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