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3 Tips on How to Style Beaded Necklaces

Beaded necklaces were the trend back in the 90s and early 2000s. They are made with colorful beads and a variety of accessories are added to them to make them more fun and different. This is 2021 and the bead necklace trend is back and has been spotted on many celebrities and runways while this trend never went away in Nigeria because you would find individuals rocking very unique bead necklaces, bracelets, and anklets as it is still very fashionable. For the rest of the world, the bead necklace is gradually coming back and everyone is jumping on the trend, you would find it used as a phone accessory or as a bracelet with their names on it, etc.

Bigger fashion houses have taken over this trend as well and have created their more expensive versions of bead necklaces. These are a few tips on how to style the bead necklace:

1. The simple monochromatic tones can be worn to work and for business lunches, dinners, and other formal events. Beads like pearls are mostly used because they're simple and exude elegance.


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2. The more colorful combinations are worn casually. They can be worn for casual activities like brunch, lunch dates, and date nights. Whether you're going to the cinema, barbecue, family picnic, etc you can easily wear a beaded necklace to add color to your outfit. It is easy to style and goes easily with a relaxed laid back look. 

Image credit: Pinterest

3. When attending celebratory events like weddings, a full bead necklace can be used to complete your outfit.

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Beads are going to be around and in trend for a long time. Try out unique looks and make your own bold statement at outings. Which look do you prefer? Comment below.

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