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6 Outfits You Can Build from Your Staple Clothes

It is often said that you don't need money to be fashionable. But we all know it will get to a point when money might prevent you from wearing what you want. Ensuring you look your best always can be challenging if you don't have money and time. 

Thanks to some staple clothes, many people would have gone out of fashion and had difficulty keeping up with trends. That's where we come in handy. This article will give you some styles you can make out of your everyday wear to achieve new looks.

Button-down and shorts

This is one casual and smart look you can achieve effortlessly. You can leave the button undone with a Tee underneath or button-down. Pair with comfortable sneakers or flats to complete your outfit.

Button-down and jeans/chino

Here is another casual outfit you can pull up with your button-down. Pair with sandals or sneakers, depending on the occasion. For business casual, look for a moccasin or boat shoes.

Tee and jeans/shorts

Here we have the people's wear. Try to load up your wardrobe with lots of T-shirts so that you can easily switch up every time. They are affordable and everywhere. It goes with jeans and shorts comfortably.

Polo and chino

A timeless and flexible combination. It gets you the perfect look every time. Choose a beige, black, or cream color chino and pair it with any polo you want. Ensure the colors blend.

Blazer, T-shirt, and jeans

This merge is another business casual you can achieve. It also suits a casual Friday outfit if your workplace allows jeans. Choose a navy blue or black blazer and pair it with dark jeans for the workplace. For business casual, you can choose any denim jeans, except distressed and ripped.

Blazer, dress shirt, and chino

Choose this outfit any day you feel like ditching a suit. It is comfortable and more relaxed than jeans. If you are tired of the blazer, you can put it off and flaunt your dress or Oxford shirt.

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