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Skin Care

Give your skin the natural glow it deserves

Are you looking for the perfect way to get rid of those age spots and acne scars

Do you wish to achieve a clear and healthy skin without having to go to through the trouble of excessive spending

Give your skin it's food that is lying around in your spice cabinet;Turmeric.

Turmeric gets its health benefits primarily because of Curcumin,a bioactive component

Turmeric also contains antioxidants and anti inflammatory components

This wonder spice has a whole lot of benefits

-Gives your skin a perfect glow and lustre

-It aids in healing of wounds

- It can help your psoriasis

-Helps to reduce the appearance of acne scars

And a whole range of dermatological issues

Our never failing recipe for our turmeric face mask

-1 tbsp of turmeric powder

-1 tbsp of honey

- 1 tbsp of Greek youghurt(plain)

-1 tsp of water

Turmeric also helps in underlying health issues such as arthritis(both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis) and frequent hair loss. Because of its deep yellow colour,turmeric can leave permanent stains on surfaces on fabrics but its versatile usefulness overcomes all its cons.Take advantage of the wonder household spice today.

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