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Ladies, here are classic timeless fashion pieces every fashionable lady should have in her wardrobe

In today's article, I will be sharing with you some timeless fashion pieces I think every classic lady should own at least one, two, or maybe three in her closet, timeless pieces that never go out of style that will have you looking amazing year after year, they are worth investing in, always fashionable and can be paired with so many things. Fashion designers may bring new and exciting fashion trends which may be difficult to give up sometimes, but it's better not to follow trends, I think it's a waste of money and doesn't last, most times when you follow trends they easily go out of style, and you cannot wear them anymore.

6 timeless pieces I think every lady should have in her closet are;

1) A little black dress

This one is the classic of all classics, it's one of the classic pieces to own even though it's not something you can wear regularly, it is one of those clothing that helps you dress sophisticated no matter your age. To make a little black dress one you can wear anywhere which is precisely what it's supposed to make sure it doesn't show your cleavage, And it's not too short that way you can wear a classic black dress, you can wear it with a nice blazer to work or with heels on a night out with friends, a little black dress worn with a pair of gorgeous black heels and some pearls is the perfect ensemble for a wedding or a party.

2) Blazers

Blazers make you look like an influential and strong woman, this is another classic item that never goes out of style, a blazer makes whoever is wearing it look polished and well put together for any occasion, a blazer is so flattering that it complements everybody's shape.

3) A classic black pump/heels

This fashion item is feminine, classic, and sexy, black heel shoes are a must-have for every classy lady there's no limit to what to wear this essential with, you can wear it to the office, to dinner, or any event, they will serve you for years. Hence, they are worth investing in.

4) White button-up shirt

This can be paired with just about anything, just get a good quality white button-up shirt, you can wear it to the office or any event this is one of the items on the list that is worth spending a little extra on if you'll be working or going for interviews or just staying polish for a nice dinner a white button-up shirt should be your best friend.

5) pencil shaped skirts

Is a very classic piece for women's wardrobe, it's designed to amplify hips it looks elegant with blouses, sweaters, or blazers if you want to invest in one skirt for the rest of your life pick a pencil shape skirt because it's flattering, and it's appropriate for different occasion.

6) A collection of lightweight scarfs

A lightweight scarf can be used for so many things, you can tie the scarf on your hair, use it as a belt or tie it over your handbag and so much more, you can also wear it around your neck it's a great way to add a splash of colours to a plain outfit.

Thanks for your time.

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God bless and have a nice

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