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9 Types of Handbags That May Harm Your Back And How to Carry Them Safely

The handbag industry is estimated to be worth $47 billion per year. Some of the most common styles are totes, clutches, and satchel bags, and we all have our favorites. However, being fashionable can cause serious health problems. 54.5 percent of adults report having back pain or other similar problems, and the way we wear our bags can exacerbate the problem.

We care about our health, so we gathered some tips on how to carry your bag so that it doesn't damage your back and shoulders.

1. A bag with a top handle

The top handle bag is usually made of durable materials and worn on the forearm. This means that when held in this manner, the bag will often remain too far away from the body, putting strain on the neck and shoulders.

How to carry it: The top handle bag can be held under the armpit like a purse to relieve neck and shoulder pain.

2. A bag worn across the body

Despite the fact that this bag was made to be worn around the body, most women wear it on one shoulder. The cross-body bag often sits too low since it normally has a longer handle. This situation can cause pain in the upper back and neck.

Wear it as high and as wide as possible around your body. To keep the pressure even, switch shoulders every now and then.

3. The carry-on bag

Holdall bags are often used to transport our sporting clothes and supplies, as well as weekend travel luggage. As a result, this bag is incredibly heavy and damaging to your spine. Fortunately, most holdall bags come with a harness, which must be used — but it must not be carried over one shoulder. Since you will be sitting with all of your weight on one side of your body, this will force your spine out of alignment.

How to carry it: Ideally, a wheeled holdall bag would be preferable. If you already have one without them, wear it around your body as high as possible and switch the shoulder it hangs on on a regular basis.

4. The tote bag

A backpack is the perfect form of bag for avoiding back pain, and it also comes with a "best practice" guide. Choosing a backpack with too thin straps, holding it over one shoulder only, or hanging it too low can result in injuries and long-term back issues.

How to carry it: Wider-strapped backpacks are ideal for evenly distributing weight. Often keep it under both shoulders and as high as low to your back as possible.

5. The satchel bag

Satchel bags became popular as a stylish way to transport your laptop and work materials. However, all of this stuff could make this bag even heavier. As a result, holding it by the handle puts a strain on your arm, neck, and back.

Choose satchel bags with a harness if you want to wear it. It allows you to bear your bag around your body, equally distributing the weight. Often, put it down on your commute to work to relieve your shoulders.

6. The clutch pack

This type of bag is ideal for people who suffer from back problems because it is lightweight and can only hold a few items. Carrying it in your hands, on the other hand, can cause your shoulder to drop to only one side.

How to put it on:

Keep the clutch under your armpit with your hands free. Switch sides every now and then to stop building up tension in one leg.

7. The tote bag

The larger the tote bag, the more detrimental to your wellbeing it is. Because of its weight and the fact that it can only be carried on one hand, it can cause an imbalance and a condition known as dropped shoulder syndrome. This occurs when long-term weight bearing on your shoulder affects a nerve, causing one shoulder to be lower than the other.

How to wear it: It's best to resist the temptation to stuff your tote bag to the brim. Stop sore muscles and nerves by carrying a light bag and switching sides.

8. The mini bag that can be carried in your hand

The handheld mini bag is a 1990s style that has recently resurfaced. It can raise elbow, wrist, and hand discomfort because you can only carry it by keeping it in your hand. It can also affect the way you walk.

How to wear it: If you're looking for a compact purse, try a fanny pack instead of a handheld mini bag. You can bring this form of bag closer to your body and relieve tension in your sides, shoulders, and hands.

9. The bag with the chain-strap

While chain-strap bags may add a chic twist to your outfit, they are not good for your health. Since the metallic substance can dig into your shoulders over time, it can be very painful.

How to wear it: To relieve shoulder pain, consider wearing it around your body and switching sides every now and then.

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