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How To Stop The Itching Caused By Shaving Of Pubic Region

Everyone wants to look good at all times. Having their bath, Plaiting their hairs,wearing good clothes so that they can look very good, presentable and can also be addressed well. But the problem most people face is after they shave their private parts. A lot of people complain about the continuous itching they experience after they shave that is why they don't shave again. And this itching can be very disgracing especially when you are in public places.

Shaving makes the skin around your pubic region feel and look smooth. But the opposite is the case for some people, shaving has side effects on them. Folliculitis which means red bumps aused by inflammation near your hair pore can also be one of the side effects of after shave.

The hair follicles grow underneath your skin and becomes irritated after a shave.

The pibi region is among the likely part of the human body to itch and because of its sensitivity,the hairs around it are very thick making it noticeable when you feel the itch.

Here is what you can do to stop the itch.

Get a pair of scissors or clipper and carefully use it to trim the hairs properly before shaving.

Then use a damo towel or washcloth and place it on the affected area of discomfort. Add little amount of sea salt. This can help reduce the itching.


Use a sharp shaving stick because blunt ones can trust th me hairs and this can cause itching.

Do not shave when your skin is dry. Most of us do this a lot. Making your skin moist or a little bit wet opens the pores and make the hairs much more easier to shave.

Do this everytime you want to shave and say good bye to embarrassment that itching might cause.

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