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How To Take Care Of Your Pierced Belly Button

A piercing can be done for several reasons, like self-expression, increased body sensitivity, or aesthetic purposes. Whatever your own reason is, a belly button piercing requires a lot of attention and care. You must be intentional about the healing process.

Cleaning can be very stressful, but proper aftercare is necessary and important if you want to maintain good health and avoid infection, pain, irritation, or rejection.

In caring for your belly button piercing, here is what you need to do;

- Clean your piercings at least twice a day. Your piercing will take 4 to 6 months to heal completely. It can take longer than that if you do not care properly for it or if it becomes infected with germs.

Ensure you use a sterile solution or a salt water soak to gently clean your new piercing.

If you clean your piercing too frequently or use harsh products, your piercing might become irritated and take a very long time to heal.


-Wear neat, breathable textiles. You will probably feel very comfortable in a singlet made with cotton.

-Wash and change your sheets once a week because a new piercing doesn't need to come in contact with a dirty surface as this might prolong the healing time.

-Try to look out for infections. If you experience redness, blisters, unusual swelling, itching, burning, painful cuts, a rash, or pain that will not go away or reduce, you may have a serious infection. 

Pay keen attention to your body. If you feel like something is not right, make sure you look into it immediately.

If you notice a bad smell, an increase in fluid discharge, or your discharge starts changing color, you may have an infection as well.


-If the uncomfortable signs continue, please see a doctor or your piercer. Taking out the jewelry may not bring healing, just get your doctor's advise and follow accordingly.

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