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Check Out The Latest Trending Braid And Weave Hairstyles For Ladies. (Photos)

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but we have lots to contribute to look outstanding. No matter how beautiful a lady is, if her hair is so unkempt, guys won't take a second look at you. There is no crime in looking good, it doesn't go against any religious beliefs. Guys out there married or unmarried, it's your duty to ensure that your woman is looking stunning but no do pass yourself oo🤣🤣🤣

In this article you will find lots of hairstyle for ladies.

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GHANA WEAVE: Seven out of ten girls on the street have Ghana weaves on. It is one of the most popular hairstyles in Nigerian and most men love it. Although it is known to break out the front part of the hair, it will be nice to give your man that look once in a while, so he doesn’t get it outside the car window.

AFRO TEXTURED HAIR: Admit it man love to see women go natural. This is the one way they can access their possibility of their daughter having good hair too. Aside from that, it is always good to take off your withered hair and grow your Afro-textured hair, this will help it regain its groove before you start applying chemicals again. Afro-textured hair is the latest hair in vogue for most Nigerian women.

BRAIDS: You can never go wrong with braids. Most Nigerian man love to see braids on their women because it always looks nice, especially when newly made. Braids are a combination of the ancient and modern way of the African woman. The most attractive thing about braids is the colour and how it is being made.


The side didi is a unique braided hairstyle for women that is common in south-western Nigeria. Unlike mainstream cornrows, it looks more similar to french braids that have been done sideways. They are unique and add some dimension to the hair.

Side dee-dees are usually done without braid hair although, in the case that you want to add some extensions, it can be done for you.

Differently Sized Cornrows

Having all cornrows in one size is a look, but the combination of big sized braids and tiny sized braids looks even better. This style can be done with extensions for a bolder finish, but without extensions, they would look equally good.


Feed-in braids are a convenient hairstyle for Nigerian women. It’s like cornrow 2.0. It is neat and involves cutting the hair into sections within sections and braiding it down

Braids and Fringe

Braids don’t have to be long, they can be made into bangs as well. This Nigerian hairstyle with braids is perfect for people who have short hair as they won’t need to cut their hair to meet the desired length of the bangs

Single Braids

Single box braids like most braid hairstyles in Nigeria are a classic. You can wear them with extensions or without extensions. With extensions, they can take up to 7 hours depending on their sizes but without extensions, they can be done under an hour or two, once again depending on the sizes and the density of your hair.

Here are some other hairstyle that you will definitely like;

I am sure you liked what you just saw... So go now to make yourself look amazing, and you will be the centre of attraction.

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