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After Plastic Surgery, Some Celebrities Who Appears To Be Beautiful While Some Who Appears so ugly.

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Plastic Surgery has become very common nowadays though expensive. It is a Surgery meant to change someone's appearance. The first plastic surgery was performed around 1814.

The main aim of Plastic surgery is to repair irregular parts of the body. There is an American Plastic Surgeon who is the first Surgeon to perform a plastic surgery with tools he created himself, His name is John Peter and the operation was first carried out on 1827

Plastic Surgery are ways to get rid of scars because they are shameful thing to have in the olden days.

However, out of the three types of surgery we have, I will be talking about the most common ones, Cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery includes; Facial Change, Breasts enhancement, butts enhancement,e.t.c. Though it is very expensive, anyone who can afford this surgery had gone for the operation. The results it leads to are Bigger breasts, bigger butts, e.t.c

Plastic Surgery most times goes really well while sometimes, it goes really weird or bad as you may say.

Check out for these pictures of When Cosmetic surgery goes right.

And it goes really bad.

Actually, many people loses their beauty when they undergo surgery...which is absolutely wrong. We should learn to appreciate our very own body cause God created us in a very unique way. 💯💯.

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