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Classy Fashion Ideas To Draw From Style Icon, Efe Efeturi (photos)

When it comes to fashion, age is just a number in my opinion, and men over 40 can wear anything they think is appropriate for them. I would never say that fashion becomes less important as you get older; rather, your concept of fashion and style tends to take play out. Fashion is made up of trends while style is something that comes from your creative personality. You either have it or you don't. As you grow older, your fashion sense could completely change, but if it's something you love and you take pride in the way you look, that is part of your personality, that won't change just because of another birthday.

Efe Efeturi is a known fashion stylist based in London and has constantly amaze his followers by inspiring them with stylish wears. Efe has great passion for men's wear and believes there are no age restrictions for fashion or style and uses his style to encourage older men especially those in their 40's and above. He understands how to style formal and other wears and still make them look classy.

Theoretically, age gives a broader perspective and different set of priorities and in my opinion these things in fashion change with age,

1. Being "s*xy" is replaced by "confidence, classy and smart": You understand that appearance or flashy logos won't attract the right kind of people. Your professional career might influence your fashion choices because you may want to look artsy if you are a designer or classy if you are businesswoman.

2. Logos mean nothing because you've seen how many handsome and intelligent people wear non-branded things and still look classy.

3. You still care about putting pieces together. The past experiences will make remember what looked good. You will be more experienced, therefore, more stylish in choosing the items.

4. Comfort is a necessity and true luxury: As you get older, you already know the kind of outfit you feel comfortable in. Comfort gives confidence.

Efe Efeturi is known for rocking special outfits, has the carriage for looking great in any occasion. The style icon has some nice styles to copy. Checkout lovely ways Efe Efeturi showed us how to style in your 40's and above.

1. Slaying in suit

2. Looking stylish in shorts

3. Opt for denim jacket4. Looking simple5. Slaying regardless of the weather

6. Classy man7. Who says you can slay in three different colors8. Casual and simple9. Looking stylish and classy in a long coat10.11. Turtle neck still looks good

12. Accessorize with nice wrist watch

Photo credit: Instagram

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Efe Efeturi


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