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How To Maintain Your Lace And Damask Outfit In Order For Them To Last Long

Nobody would be happy to find out that the clothes they bought just faded a few months after the purchase was made.

Sometimes, when our clothes get worn out or even damaged entirely, it's not because they are fake, it's because they are not properly cared for and I will list four different ways to maintain your damask outfits if you really want them to last;

1. Don't wash them with dirty water. So many women are guilty of this mistake. They wash their old dirty clothes before they wash their damask and lace outfits. 

2. Your damask and lace attire shouldn't be left out in the sun for a very long time. If you are guilty of this, please stop it. Leaving your outfits in the sun would make them fade quickly.

3. Don't iron your lace with a very hot iron. Remember that lace attire is usually very soft, so it's preferable to use a warm iron. 

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