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Skin Care

4 simple tips to prevent skin aging

There are many factors that contribute to the skin aging, in addition to being clear, the years that pass. Your habits can speed up or prevent this process. Tobacco, alcohol, food and solar radiation are some of the biggest enemies of the skin.

The causes of the fearsome expression marks are free radicals. Due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, stress, pollution and the other factors already mentioned, these radicals form inside cells, impairing collagen and elastin.

More important than letting time pass and only then looking for treatments for an already aged skin is betting on prevention. And with simple but daily habits, it is possible to significantly reduce these expression marks.

Sunscreen is one of the basic precautions to prevent skin aging

1 - Sunscreen

If the sun is the great villain of aging, the daily use of sunscreen is salvation. Apply a protector with at least SPF 30 daily, even on rainy or cloudy days, and even indoors. Include that habit in your morning, as well as brush your teeth. Remember to also apply on the neck and ears. In addition, it is important to reapply the protector throughout the day. Of course, avoid sun exposure during strong sunshine hours, from 10 am to 4 pm.

2 - Water

Another great friend of beautiful skin is water. She is primarily responsible for hydration. Drinking at least two liters of liquid a day ensures the body's hydration, in addition to helping to eliminate toxins that facilitate aging. There is no point in investing in moisturizers for the face if you are neglecting water intake. The tip is simple, but essential.

3 - Hygiene

Cleaning the skin is one of the steps you should start to include in your beauty ritual. Dirt accumulated by pollution, sweat and makeup contributes to aging. These residues block pores and help in the formation of wrinkles.

So clean in the morning and also before bed. The self-care ritual is a great ally in prevention. Within this ritual, include beauty products that favor this care. And lastly, anti-wrinkle cream, for example, helps to delay these effects of aging on the face and neck, since it attenuates wrinkles and expression lines.

4 - Avoid excesses

And finally, avoid excesses. If you usually consume alcohol, know that alcohol accelerates skin aging This is because it causes dehydration in the skin. Also, if you smoke, it may be time to leave that habit if you want beautiful skin. Tobacco harms the skin more than sun exposure, as smoking increases free radicals. Also, food can speed up this process. Excess sugar, salt, sausages and spicy foods should be avoided.

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