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5 Spots You Should Not Apply Perfume

Everybody loves to smell good whenever they go out but most times in a bid to achieve that, we tend to overdo things or do it wrongly. When we apply perfumes every morning before going out, we feel fresh but there are certain parts of our bodies we spray our perfumes that could be harmful.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some places that you should never apply perfume. Check them out below;

1. Eyes

This is understandable one of the most obvious places you should never apply perfume on because alcohol-based perfumes obtain ethyl which can cause irritation and stinging when it comes in close contact with the eyes. Some perfumes contain up to 95 per cent of ethyl, so it is not advisable to spray it close to the eyes or other sensitive areas to avoid irritation.

2. Armpits

Some people feel they can use replace deodorants or with perfumes, but this is wrong. The truth is that deodorants are made to prevent sweat and musk awful smell coming out from our body while perfumes are made just to provide fragrance to the body with a high level of alcohol and other chemicals which poses another potential cause of irritation. The interaction between your perfume and armpit sweat glands could cause itching and burning.

3. Genitals

One other place we need to avoid when spraying perfume is the human private area because doing that can result in skin dryness. For women, it poses a more dangerous threat because perfumes can cause inflammation, irritation, pain and itchiness when it is applied to the private area.

4. Hair

You might have noticed that whenever you spray perfumes on your hair it lasts longer this is because hair naturally absorbs the scent. But you should also be conscious of the fact that perfumes are alcohol-based which means that they can make your hair dry and it can also give you a dry scalp. Experts suggest that instead of applying the perfume directly to the hair, you should apply it on your hairbrush before using the brush on your hair.

5. Open wounds

This is one area you should avoid because it can lead to extreme pain and irritation as a result of the alcohol content. Although some people think that perfumes are good for disinfecting wounds because of their 80% alcohol content, there are other chemicals contained in perfume that might not be good for your injuries.

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