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Igbos Are Beautiful: Meet Nkemakolam, A Beautiful Girl from Igbo land

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When it comes to beauty, it usually is a very subjective topic as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Fair or dark-skinned, real beauty can not be hidden. Celebrities usually strive to look good and maintain such good looks as everyone appreciates classy beauties. Even though it is true that no one should be judged entirely on their physical impression, as their temperament and abilities are also very important points to note, one can not help but admire beautiful peoples as they are naturally attractive.

Here, we will be looking at an entrepreneur that is endowed with flawless beauty. Everyone has their own unique norms for classifying beauty, as one's man's meat is another man's poison.

Igbo women are naturally beautiful with natural full body shapes. We would forever remain the tribe with the most beautiful women. We are also richly blessed with natural beauties, I mean beauties that were born beautiful and did not go under the knife to get such beauty. All this makes the white man jealous of us and this causes bigotry whereby they are trying to molest the black tribe, but we are too extraordinary and great to be brought down by the whites.

So we are going to discuss an Igbo lady called Bainta Nkemakolam who has a gorgeous face, glowing skin, beautiful eyes. Nkemakolam simple means " I shall never lack what's is mine" This beautiful damsel is not lacking what is has, Beauty is her own. This beautiful girl is identified as bulamabinta_ on her Instagram page, while her real name is Bulama Binta Nkemakolam. She is a content creator, Brand influencer, Entrepreneur, and Model. She's a Brand influencer @chicnyc and she's also the CEO of @beautybybinta [email protected] Bulama Binta Nkemakolam is a beautiful young girl with a bright destiny. I've never seen any tribe that is more beautiful than her because her beauty outweighed the glamorous glittering of Gold and Silver. She is perfectly proportioned and structured.

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