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60 Beautiful Laces For Your Next Owambe

 Nigerians they say are happy people, we derive our joy from celebrating our big and little wins. We don't really need much to be happy because happiness is a choice. We realized that no one else will celebrate you if you don't celebrate yourself hence the love for parties. We gather people no matter how small the number to celebrate our big, little, or elaborate wins.

 We celebrate our birthdays especially the milestone age, weddings are a big deal for many these days, the burial of our old parents is a celebration of life, the graduation of our kids from the University is not taken lightly, naming ceremony, house warming, you name it. We find every opportunity to throw a party.

At most of these parties, we are sure to take aso ebi once an only Yoruba culture but the rest of the country has been bitten by the bug. Aso ebi is now almost attached to every occasion.

Lace is one major part of the aso ebi world, you are bound to experience it at Yoruba occasions, use these lovely designs for next owambe and you are sure to stand out.

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