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Ladies see this as a beautiful transformation but men see it as fraud

In recent times making up by ladies, has become an essential part of life generally. As far as looking beautiful is concerned, a perfect make up not only enhances their beauty, but makes them confident.

Although very few cultural or Religious beliefs actually disagrees with this act of beautifying ones self, the society has largely come to terms with it.

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Make up has grown to become a lucrative job as makeup artist are increasing on a daily basis. They are needed for wedding ceremonies, birthdays, live TV shows, movie industries and so on.

However, This act of making up ones face most especially, has become decietful. Make up are now fraudulent as it hides the true identity of a lady. The question is, how long does this even last they wash it at the end of every day.

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She might look horrible without make up but look like an angel after a perfect make up. This in every way is what it means to decieve someone.

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One can attend a wedding ceremony and if not well aquatinted with the bride, might never be able to tell she is the same person on the wedding day.

A make up that could change completely what a person truly looks like is in itself wrong.

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Warnings to men

Any random man who meets a lady on the streets and finds her attractive because she was well made up, with eye lashes and fine contours might just be on his way to the greatest scam ever. Before getting into anything serious, if physical appearance mean anything to you, I advice you try to see that lady without make up before you try to start anything at all.

Please if you are in a relationship with a girl and you have never seen her without make up, I would advice you to try to do that before you marry an expired goods. It would be too late then to cry. 

How do you catch her without make up? 

Visit her home very early in the morning when you’re sure she hasn’t taken her bath, brush her teeth, hair is scattered, that's when you would get a real picture of what your woman is.

Visit her unexpectedly, you just might be lucky to find her in one of those occasions without make ups.

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A lady with tribal marks or a deep knife cut on he face can be covered and made to look like one who has never been cut before. Spots can be covered, wrinkles can be made to disappear, this is not just any act, it is fraudulent and men need to beware of this.

Please ladies, make ups are just to brighten our already beautiful selves. Do not do a heavy make up that changes what you really look like. You would be living a fake life and when you wash this off each time, that’s when you become you. Let those men see the real you once or twice and you'd know who loves you truly.

Make ups are not meant to cover every wrinkles and scars you were born with, those scars too can be beautiful in the eyes of those who value true beauty. 

Make up is fraud!

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