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Cosmetic surgery gone wrong, This is what happens when you try to question your maker

The quest for Beauty and perfection has taken control over people's mind, this search has started long time ago even before the 21th century.

The influence of media on people especially the women and teenager had developed the search for perfection, now people has gone so desperately to acquire this physical beauty not minding the risk involved.

Some has ended up destroying their body formation or even losing their own life during the process.

Here are some plastic/cosmetic surgeries that are usually performed

Abdominoplasty ; tummy tuck, reshaping and firming of the abdomen.

Phalloplasty; construction or reconstruction of the penis.

Mammoplasty: includes; Breast augmentation (Breast implant), Reduction mammoplasty( breast reduction), mastopexy( breast lift or reshaping of the breast to make it less saggy).

Liposuction: removal of fat deposits.

Buttocks augmentation: enhancing the buttocks by implanting silicon or by fat grafting, ie; transferring fats from other part of the body to the buttock.

Lip augmentation: alter the appearance of the lips.

Rhinoplasty: reshaping of the nose

Rhytidectomy: face life, removing wrinkles and sign of aging from the face. And there are many more.

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