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How to draw a perfect Eyebrow for beginners in 3 minutes

It still surprises me that alot of ladies out there do not show interest in make up, and even those who do make overs do not have interest in learning the simple and necessary parts of make up which is drawing of the eyebrows.

    When it comes to the fashion world, it is advisable for ladies to learn how to do simple make overs for theirselves. It is very necessary and saves both time and money.

   Alot of things that pushes ladies away from going into make up is drawing of eyebrows. it is considered the most important, but yet the most difficult part of make up.

   That is why i will be showing you the easiest and better way to draw an eyebrow without putting alot of efforts. do not forget to click on the follow button above to get notified of recent posts from Vickygblog.

Every lady who wants to learn how to make up, either for herself or for others, must learn this simple and easy method of drawing an eyebrow. for beginners all you need is patience and determination, then forcus. ones you master the art, you will be able to draw a perfect brow. 

Materials needed to draw a perfect Eyebrow

1. Razor blade : This is used to carve the brow into your desired arch and used to remove excess hairs around the eyes that might spoil your brow.

2. Eyebrow pencil: It is used to draw and fill the brows. it is found in different colours.

3. Eyebrow brush: this is used to arrange the brows before drawing with the eye pencil.

4. Eyebrow gel: It is used to slip the brows. it is very helpful is creating a perfect brow.

5. Lash comb

How to draw a perfect Eyebrow

Step 1

Brush the brow, using the Eyebrow brush.

Step 2

Use the razor blade and gentle carve the brows to the arch of your choice.

Step 3

Using an eye pencil that fits your skin complexion, trace the buttom line of the brow to the natural lines

Step 4

Use a brush to measure the arch, to make sure both lines are Identical. 

Step 5

Place the eye pencil along side of your nose, then move the brush to the other side of your eyes, at the angle of 45 degree from the outer side ends of the eye.

Step 6

Finally, after drawing the perfect arch, full the brow with the eye pencil, you can use any eye pencil of your choice. it is advisable to use colours that fits your skin. black and brown eye pencils are very good for drawing brows.

I hope you learnt something new, and hope it was helpful? you can share it to your family and friends. if you have any question you can leave them on the comment section below.

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