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Skin Care

2 Reasons Why You Should Never Wear New Clothes Without Washing Them.

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Putting on new clothes right out of the store without first cleaning them might lead to skin problems. There's a good potential that your new clothes will spread germs and bacteria.

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This can lead to a variety of skin problems, including dry, itchy and discoloured skin. In this article I will be listing out few reasons why you should break this habit once and for all.

1. Pathogens and bacteria thrive in new clothing.

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Several infections and germs may have come into contact with your new clothes. For your own safety, it is preferable to clean your garmentsp before putting them on. It's possible that several people have tried on the outfits. People try on dresses in large apparel stores where they are displayed before purchasing them to ensure that they fit them precisely. When we buy clothes from there, we never know how many people have tried it before us. When you wear their clothes, the dead skin and germs from their skin may be present. Dermatitis, itching, and redness might result as a result of this.

2. Chemicals used in color formulations.

Sweating and friction can also cause dispersed colour to seep from garments, which can react with the skin and create allergies. Chemicals of various types are utilized to create the cloth and then dye it in certain colors. All of these substances can induce irritation and redness when they come into touch with your skin.


While not washing garments before wearing them may not create major health problems, rashes and itching may cause some discomfort. Above all, washing clothes before wearing them is simply good personal hygiene. Furthermore, new clothes will not be able to absorb perspiration, causing irritation. Because newborns' skin is softer than adults', their clothes should always be washed.


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