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Skin Care

10 foods everyone should consider eating every day for skin whitening

From visiting the beauty salon regularly to buying exorbitantly expensive cosmetics, you do so much to keep your skin healthy and your complexion vibrant. But did you know that skin whitening may be as simple as eating the right things? Here are the best foods for skin whitening.

1) Oranges

Fruits that are rich in vitamin C help a great deal in skin whitening as these vitamins to offer to the skin, oranges great citrus fruits and vitamin C facilitate your cause of brighter and more radiant skin, and hence oranges should be your choice.

2) Kiwis

Kiwis again are very healthy and laden with some of the best class of nutrients, given their high content of vitamin C they are also well suited for skin whitening foods. Kiwis brilliantly nutrient fence fruit and has a wide range of health benefits besides helping your skin to have a better charm.

3) Lime water

This is indeed the healthiest thing you can ever drink. Likes again packed with high amount of vitamin C and hence perfect for the skin, Time water is an excellent choice to give yourself a healthy weight loss and to make your skin more radiant and whiter.

4) Dark chocolate

You might not believe this, but dark chocolate works brilliantly to improve the texture of the skin and enhance the UV resistance properties of the skin. Dark chocolates contain flavonoids which play a significant role in skin whitening. Hence dark chocolate finds itself on the list of foods you can rely on for whiter and brighter skin.

5) Carrots

Carrots are another excellent choice of food for skin whitening. Carrots contain photochemical properties and carotene, which makes them a perfect choice for skin whitening foods. This substance in carrots aids the process of antioxidation and hence improve the resistance and brightness of the skin carrots are also rich in fibre and other nutrients which offer a plethora of benefits.

6) Strawberries

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and also some of the best in the class of antioxidants, which have health benefits of the highest order. Strawberries are very tempting and also refreshing to eat. Not just to the skin, but strawberries have comprehensive health benefits to offer to the body.

7) Tuna

Along with omega 3 and lean proteins' oil fishes like tuna and salmon also offer biotin to the body which helps in maintaining healthy and spot-free skin. Hence, you should add tuna or salmon to your diet regularly to give your skin enough biotin, besides the dermatological benefits of eating fish other health benefits too are very impressive, and that makes fish highly recommended food.

8) Papaya

Papaya is very laden with some antioxidants that work superbly to improve your complexion, but also supplied some very essential nutrients and vitamins to the body.

9) Almonds

Since almonds are enriched with vitamin E, they help a great deal to maintain healthy skin. Vitamin E is essential for a fair and blemish-free appearance, and that is where almonds prove to be more than just a brilliant source of protein and other nutrients.

10) Chia seeds

Chia seeds contain omega 3 acids, which help in keeping the skin moist and hence maintain a healthy complexion.

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