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Checkout These Confusing Pictures

I previously wrote an article about some very confusing pictures that needed explanations but only few people were able to bring out the confusion in some of those pictures. That is why I have written this article to explain each picture.

You can view the previous article Here.

Note: None of these pictures are photo shopped but they were all taken coincidentally by chance.

1. The awkward arm

This is a picture of two ordinary ladies. And if you look closely, the lady with black has her two arms backwards and the other lady with ash has both her arms sideways.

2. The Half-Lady, Half-Creature.

This is a pretty obvious picture. A black dog is at the back of the lady with a black trouser which makes her to look like a centaurs.

3. The Invincible animal body.

The body of this Lama seems to be invincible because the guy holding a cup is actually covering the animal's body which makes it look as if the lama has no body.

4. The Ice Skater.

This is another confusing picture that looks like the ice skating lady is strong enough to carry the weird leg man but the truth behind this picture is that the man is the one carrying the lady and those skinny legs belong to the lady.

5. The Old Baby.

The face of that baby is not old but ordinary. This is an illusion of a baby wearing black glasses and a hat. Look again and see that the nose belongs to the man carrying the baby and the eye is just black glasses.

6. The Giant Pigeons.

Are those pigeons really giant? Well they are not. The fact is, this picture was taken from the top of a building and if you observe closely, those pigeons are on top of the building and the cars are below, making the pigeons look as if they are giants. Surprising right?

7. The Floor Illusion.

It is evident here that those floors are not deep but totally flat. The floor is just a 'work of art' and the design on the floor makes it look like the floor isn't flat but it is.

8. Look At Their Legs.

Looking at this picture for long without getting what is happening can give one an ache. What is actually going on is that the black legs belong to the guy and the white legs to the lady.

9. The weird Long Arm.

Most people might easily get what is happening here. It is just a coincidence that this two individuals have the same skin color and the arm tend to match together. The man with a cap is actually stretching his arm and the lady is putting her hands in the pocket.

10. The Guy Back Pack.

This bizarre picture requires you to observe very very carefully in order to know what is really going on. The lady with a black bag pack is riding a bicycle and the man, who is on the other side, is riding a taller bicycle which makes it look as if he is a 'bag pack'.

Look at the tires of the guy's bicycle and you will see the picture clearly.

11. Another Hug Illusion.

This hug is really confusing for those who are not sharped eyed. This is just a simple picture of two footballers hugging and another footballer is passing behind them.

12. The Bike Illusion.

Hey!!!! That is not a lady with a helmet but the guy's knee. Look at this picture again and know that there is just one person in this pic and that is the guy with the tattooed leg on the helmet and his other leg on the floor.

Thanks for viewing.

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