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Check Out How Get Rid Of Stubborn Pimples Within 7 Days

Hello guys, Based on my recent research about pimples I discovered that the rate at which people are having pimples in Africa is increasing and it seems a lot of people don't know how to get rid it. Am here for you today, I will be writing on everything you need to know about pimples today — The meaning, the cause, it prevention and cure.

Firstly, what is Pimples?

Pimples is an inflamed(raised and colored) spot on the surface of the skin that is usually painful and fills with pus.

There are 3 types of pimples based on size, they are:

1, Small(measles size) pimples

2, Medium pimples

3, Big(boil size)

Causes of pimples

Each type of pimples has it own cause; The small and medium pimples are mostly caused due to accumulation of excess fat and oil in the face while the big pimples are mostly cause by gene(it is mostly hereditary).

How can we prevent pimples

As popularly quoted “prevention is better than cure” and in the aspect of pimples, preventing it is way easier than curing it.

1, Cleaning of the face: This method is sub-divided into two, which are;

* Face washing

* Make-up cleanse

* Face washing: means washing of the face regularly, at least twice a day, that help to prevent some oil in the face from accumulating.

* Make-up cleanse: try never to sleep at night with your make-up still on, sleeping with make-up on promotes accumulation of dirt and oil in the face, always try to wipe your face with some quality face cleanser before going to bed.

2, Steam: Steaming is a very effective preventive measure for pimples, it help in getting rid of the excess fats and oils in the face.


- Hot water

- Bowl

- Blanket


- Pure your hot water into a bowl.

- Put your face directly across the steam coming from your hot water.

- Cover yourself up with the steam with the help of your blanket.

- Stay in that position for 10-15 minutes.

Note: Breathing may be a bit difficult in that position, you can skip some seconds between it to breathe.

- Rinse your face and Moisturize.

3, Avoid fake cosmetics: Using fake cosmetics on your face can also lead to pimples, not only pimples but also other face related problems.

How to cure(get rid of) pimples

I will be sharing two effective ways you can get rid of your pimples in today's article.

1, Toothpaste: Toothpaste is an essential ingredient for curing pimples but a lot of people don't know, some toothpaste contains silicate which helps in reducing pores and inflammation.


It is better done at night.

- Wash your face with hot water.

- Apply your toothpaste to the affected area or the full face at large.

- Go to bed and sleep.

- Wash with lukewarm water.

- Moisturize.

Note: Ensure you use a toothpaste that contains silicate.

2, Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant that have many usefulness when it comes to beauty tips, it can be use to reduce pimples inflammation.


- Get an Aloe Vera leave.

- Extract the gel in it.

- Apply the gel to your face.

- Leave it on the face for 30 minutes.

- Wash with lukewarm water.

- Moisturize.

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